Bayn has developed a healthier alternative to sugar

October 18, 2018
C Talk with CEO Patrik Edström, Bayn Europe

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In the interview, CEO Patrik Edström tells of their new business model that started to yield results, the food industry's increased demand and Bayn's chocolate is ready for launch on the Chinese market

The largest target group is lifestyle customers and it goes hand in hand with the increased interest in all health trends with diets and methods such as superfood, raw food, fast, LCHF, 5: 2 diet, 8/800, Dash, Detox, Ketos, Paleo , Dukan or vegan food, Bayn fits well with its products at the forefront of sugar reduction in food and collaborates with leading research institutes and food researchers worldwide. Unhealthy, type 2 diabetes and obesity can in many cases be avoided with superfood, conscious diet and healthier lifestyle, and Bayn's products can play an important role in the future

The company

Bayn Europe was launched in 2014 on Nasdaq First North and offers cost-effective total solutions for low-calorie sugar reduction developed through scientific research

The product

Bayn has developed a product that comes from natural raw materials and serves as a replacement for sugar 1: 1. Their wide range of products can replace sugar in a variety of foods including chocolate, soft drinks, ice cream, sweets and sauces such as ketchup, mayonnaise, barbeque sauces. The biggest use for Eureba today is protein pudding and protein shakes, designed to suit active and lifestyle conscious customers


Bayn has transformed their business model from being a commodity supplier represented by a major international distributor to focus on proprietary specialties and specialist distributors. As a result, sales have increased sharply during September

The potential

Bayn targets the global food industry. The company already has customers in Europe, Asia and Africa. Bayn operates in a market that has grown partly due to the fact that regulatory authorities are requiring food businesses to reduce sugar use as well as the growing awareness of the harmful effects of sugar on human health

Share price

Listed on NGM under the ticker SECS MTF and trading at 1,495 kr (20181005)

More information

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