Optimobile takes mobile phone contracts into the cloud

May 18, 2018
C Talk med CEO, Lars Rutegård, Optimobile

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Customers are increasingly demanding faster connections, better coverage and lower prices. This all favours Optimobile, which sees increased demand for its innovative services

Optimobile is a telecom company that is largely based on research undertaken at Uppsala University in Sweden. It allows operators to combine traditional telecoms with new Voice over IP technology

The product

Optimobile’s platform offers a range of different services, including cloud-based mobile telecoms without a SIM card, allowing customers to log in to their contract online to access call lists, texts and contacts. Customers’ mobile numbers are displayed even when they call from a PC and more than one contract can be linked to a single phone


Sales are made to mobile and broadband providers. Their customers include Telenor, Tre, Nos Telefone and in 2017 it signed agreements with two new operators; Netmore (a North Net Connect brand) and the Polkomtel Group (which includes the A2mobile brand). Optimobile is now also focusing on a streamlined B2B segment with home products such as alarm services, intercoms and communications for lifts

The potential

They currently have around 100,000 users but that figure could increase fairly quickly as their customers have lots of end-users. Optimobile can help telecom operators earn more and regain market share from apps such as Messenger, WhatsApp and Skype, and Optimobile’s products make operators’ offerings more comprehensive, attractive and competitive, so there should be very significant interest from many telecom operators. And the new focus on the B2B segment also offers significant potential

Share price

Listed on Spotlight Stockmarket under the ticker OPT and trading at 3,50 kr (20180518)

More information

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