Sarsys Asft acquires largest competitor

April 26, 2018
C Talk with CEO Fredrik Graflind, Sarsys Asft

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Since its IPO last year, Sarsys ASFT has acquired its largest competitor and is now proposing a dividend payment to shareholders

The product

Sarsys manufacturers high-quality equipment for measuring friction and weather information systems for airports and public roads. The equipment is used to measure friction on runways and public roads.


Sales are made direct to airports through representatives and established agents around the world. Companies operating in road construction are also potential customers. A large percentage of the company’s sales come from exports to around 100 countries.

The potential

Sarsys and ASFT were previously competitors and were often played off against each other, but have now merged into a single company. This offers brand new opportunities for economies of scale and a stronger position as we will be more able to influence terms and win large tenders. There are more than 40,000 civilian airports in the world so there is good growth potential.

Share price

Listed on NGM under the ticker SARS MTF and trading at 6,00 SEK and after only a year on the stock market the company is paying a dividend to shareholders.

More information

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