Gunnar Ek says ‘we will see companies go bankrupt’

November 9, 2018
Ir Talk with Gunnar Ek, Aktiespararna

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Gunnar Ek tells of his experiences from more than 2,000 general meetings spanning 40 years and his time as Head of Corporate Governance at Aktiespararna. He still keeps a higher pace than most by traveling across the country, participating in investment events and more than 200 annual general meetings

In the interview, we discuss the current stock market situation, financing solutions and future bankruptcies. Many companies have been listed in recent years but struggle with depressed share prices and very little trading. How can you really break through the noise and generate interest in the market for your company? How will digitization and social media change IR and the way you communicate to shareholders?

IR Talk

IR Talk is a channel produced by Cornelia PR for listed companies. We discuss next generation investor relations with leading experts to explore how companies can use digital platforms to communicate with shareholders more intuitively and interactively

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